VICP (vaccine injury compensation program)

Remember how we talked about how there are real vaccine injuries out there? Remember how we talked about how these stories help us identify vaccines that maybe need to go (or shouldn't be licensed in the first place)? All well and good, but what happens to those families? Well, they could sue the manufacturers I... Continue Reading →


Varicella (chicken pox)

I don’t actually remember much about having the chicken pox as a kid. I know I had it because I’ve been told my whole life that I did and my Ig titres were nice and high when I had them checked at the beginning of medical school, but I don’t actually remember it. I’m thinking... Continue Reading →

Shedding (as in viruses, not dogs)

As you're hanging around out there in your mommy groups you may hear people talking about vaccine shedding. This is the idea that recently vaccinated kids become contagious and can infect susceptible individuals. Is shedding real? Yes. Is it something you need to worry about? Probably not. First of all, not all vaccines shed. Only... Continue Reading →

Vaccine Injuries

You’re probably wondering if pediatricians even believe in vaccine injuries. Every time you read some heart wrenching story a child who had some terrible outcome associated with a vaccine some doctor tells you it isn’t true. But how do they know? What gives them the right to judge? Science doesn’t know everything and new diseases... Continue Reading →


You know, while we’re at it we should probably talk a little bit more about thimerosal. It’s a preservative, first of all. It’s there to keep the vaccines sterile. When it comes to live vaccines, the germs have to be grown in live cell cultures, then inactivated to make a vaccine. These same ingredients create... Continue Reading →


"To obtain good, respectable barbecue, you need to feel like you are at risk for tetanus just by walking in the door." - my husband (emergency physician, dad, invenomations expert, all around good guy, and devotee of good barbecue) What is tetanus, exactly? Those of you who enjoy historical literature probably have at least some... Continue Reading →


This is by far my favorite childhood vaccine for the simple reason that it comes in the form of a yummy syrup that babies can swallow and doesn’t involve mean pokey needles. Also one of its formulators is the great Paul Offit and I think he’s pretty rad so yay rota vaccine! What’s rotavirus? In... Continue Reading →

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