The Childhood Vaccine Schedule (and the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices – ACIP)

We've already talked about how many vaccines we give. I'll be covering each individual vaccine as we go along, but let's talk about how we wound up with the schedule we have. A great deal of study and research goes into determining the ideal time to give each vaccine. Timing depends on a number of... Continue Reading →

Vaccine Injuries

You’re probably wondering if pediatricians even believe in vaccine injuries. Every time you read some heart wrenching story a child who had some terrible outcome associated with a vaccine some doctor tells you it isn’t true. But how do they know? What gives them the right to judge? Science doesn’t know everything and new diseases... Continue Reading →


This is by far my favorite childhood vaccine for the simple reason that it comes in the form of a yummy syrup that babies can swallow and doesn’t involve mean pokey needles. Also one of its formulators is the great Paul Offit and I think he’s pretty rad so yay rota vaccine! What’s rotavirus? In... Continue Reading →

MMR and Autism

Brace yourselves . . . . No, the MMR vaccine does not cause autism. It doesn’t cause autism in previously “normal” children, it doesn’t cause autism in genetically vulnerable children, it doesn’t cause autism in children with mitochondrial disorders, it doesn’t cause autism in children with MTHFR mutation, it doesn’t cause autism in a box,... Continue Reading →

Gardasil (yes, the STD one that your cousin’s sister said made her friend’s boyfriend’s sister’s kid paralyzed)

OK guys, I’m just gonna be completely frank here. I don’t understand why parents don’t want this vaccine for their kids. They tell me things like this – “I’ve just heard so many bad things about the side effects.”, “I just don’t think she needs it.”, “it’s just so dangerous/risky”, “I just think it hasn’t... Continue Reading →

Gardasil 2 – Just the studies, folks – Paul Offit's editorial – Paul Offit's video – looking at link with autoimmune disease in general, large cohort study with 65,000 subjects in each group (full text - – summary article from ACIP with references to the studies they used – very large study of Swedish girls –... Continue Reading →

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