You know, while we’re at it we should probably talk a little bit more about thimerosal. It’s a preservative, first of all. It’s there to keep the vaccines sterile. When it comes to live vaccines, the germs have to be grown in live cell cultures, then inactivated to make a vaccine. These same ingredients create... Continue Reading →

Vaccine Ingredients, Miscelanious

If you google "vaccine ingredients" you will come up with a list that sounds pretty similar to the recipe the witches were using in MacBeth. Some of those ingredients really are in vaccines and some aren't. The internet is full of myths, after all. I've already addressed the more famous and glamorous ingredients on their... Continue Reading →

Hepatitis B

This is the first vaccine your baby receives. We give this one in the first 24 hours of life and frankly, a good number of people are confused about this. One popular blogger out there observed rather snarkily, "Hepatitis B is, in fact, primarily a sexually transmitted disease. In most cases, you contract it by... Continue Reading →


Psssssst. Over here. Wanna know a secret? Don't tell anyone. There's formaldehyde in vaccines. For real! OK, I'm just teasing you. Tell everyone! Then explain why and how much.  Explain how your own cells make massively more formaldehyde every day than the amount in all the vaccines your baby receives.  Explain how your body's natural... Continue Reading →


OK, peeps - let's talk ingredients. I'm going to start with aluminum since this is the one I get the most questions about. The first concept that is critical to understanding vaccine ingredients is this - the dose makes the poison. If you sprinkle a little table salt on your eggs in the morning and... Continue Reading →

Aborted Fetal Cells

You may have read that some vaccines contain cells from aborted babies. While this statement is not literally true (the serum does not actually contain any cells), it is true that some vaccines are made from viral strains that are grown in cultures that contain cell lines from aborted fetuses. These abortions were performed many... Continue Reading →

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