Too Many Too Soon (and more on how your immune system works)

I’d have to say that the most common concern parents bring up at their babies’ well visits is this – won’t all those vaccines given at once overwhelm the immune system? I mean, when we were babies we only got a few vaccines, now there are dozens of doses in the first year of life.... Continue Reading →

Immune System

If you’re really going to understand vaccines, the first step is to learn about the human immune system. You know how your Facebook friends are always telling you to do your research? Well, doing research is hard when you do it right. Today, we are going to do some serious research. In a (very tiny)... Continue Reading →

Herd Immunity

Today we're going to talk about herd immunity. Despite what some folks on the internet may tell you, joining the herd does not make you a "sheeple", it makes you socially responsible. You've no doubt heard the catch phrase "herd immunity", recently changed to "community immunity" because it's more fun to say and because the... Continue Reading →

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