Tylenol After Vaccines

I get a lot of questions about administration of Tylenol to babies who have just received or are about to receive vaccines.  There are a number of rumors floating around out there in the mommynet about this one so let’s talk about it.  I want to address two big questions in particular.  First, should you... Continue Reading →


You know, while we’re at it we should probably talk a little bit more about thimerosal. It’s a preservative, first of all. It’s there to keep the vaccines sterile. When it comes to live vaccines, the germs have to be grown in live cell cultures, then inactivated to make a vaccine. These same ingredients create... Continue Reading →

MMR and Autism

Brace yourselves . . . . No, the MMR vaccine does not cause autism. It doesn’t cause autism in previously “normal” children, it doesn’t cause autism in genetically vulnerable children, it doesn’t cause autism in children with mitochondrial disorders, it doesn’t cause autism in children with MTHFR mutation, it doesn’t cause autism in a box,... Continue Reading →

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