VICP (vaccine injury compensation program)

Remember how we talked about how there are real vaccine injuries out there? Remember how we talked about how these stories help us identify vaccines that maybe need to go (or shouldn’t be licensed in the first place)? All well and good, but what happens to those families? Well, they could sue the manufacturers I suppose. That’s how it used to work but here’s the thing about drug companies, if they notice that they are being sued a lot for a particular product they tend to stop making it. In the case of vaccines, after manufacturers were being targeted over seizures after the whole cell pertussis vaccine, several of them just got out of the vaccine business altogether. Do you know what would happen if drug companies stopped making vaccines? The are not technically under any obligation to. Pretty scary, right? Thus, the VICP was born – we needed a way to make sure that injured individuals received appropriate compensation without litigation against the drug companies. That is not to say that it is illegal to sue a drug company. It’s not, but it’s difficult. Below are all the links I could dig up with more information about VICP. Happy reading!……/…/pinkbook/downloads/appendices/d/vicp.…/vaccine-injury-compensat……

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