Varicella (chicken pox)

I don’t actually remember much about having the chicken pox as a kid. I know I had it because I’ve been told my whole life that I did and my Ig titres were nice and high when I had them checked at the beginning of medical school, but I don’t actually remember it. I’m thinking this is because I just wasn’t all that sick, because I remember other illnesses I had. I’m guessing when you had it you weren’t that sick either. I think most of us can see the value in vaccinating against a virus that keeps your kid out of school for a couple of weeks and is generally miserable. I think most people even know that preventing chicken pox infection in the first place also prevents shingles later on in life. Those reasons would be enough for me to vaccinate my kids for this disease but there’s actually a lot more to it than that. CP can be pretty sinister, resulting in encephalitis, long term intellectual disability and seizure disorders, secondary pneumonia, etc. Much like measles, everybody used to get it and the majority of people came through it just fine, but some kids didn’t. AND if you aren’t immune to CP as an adult and you catch it as a pregnant woman, it can be devastating to both mother and baby. Furthermore, these days there’s a new threat – MRSA. Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus – a nasty bacteria that causes severe infections usually starting with a break in the skin, often requiring hospitalization and IV antibiotics, chronic recurrent infections, sepsis and sometimes death. In a world full of MRSA, I can do without my babies having two weeks of open sores all over their bodies, thank you very much.…/…/toddler-with-worst-chickenpox-doctors…/


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