You know, while we’re at it we should probably talk a little bit more about thimerosal. It’s a preservative, first of all. It’s there to keep the vaccines sterile. When it comes to live vaccines, the germs have to be grown in live cell cultures, then inactivated to make a vaccine. These same ingredients create a nice comfy environment for nasty bacteria to also set up housekeeping and we’d rather not inject them into your kid, so preservatives are used to keep out the bad bugs. Thimerosal is not just straight-up elemental mercury, but it does contain a teensy tiny amount of a mercury compound. The difference is subtle but it’s important. Everyone took high school science and learned that table salt is made up of sodium (explodes) and chlorine (extremely toxic) – in their elemental (pure) form, these are deadly substances but when combined in a salt, they are safe in reasonable amounts and even necessary for life. You can’t compare elemental sodium to table salt. Similarly, you can’t compare the ethyl mercury in vaccines to the methyl mercury in seafood (or the elemental mercury in old-school thermometers). Ethyl mercury is easily processed and excreted by your liver and kidneys. Methyl mercury crosses the blood brain barrier and can in fact hang around in your brain for years and cause trouble. Thimerosal is HARMLESS. None the less, the point is moot since it’s now been removed from all vaccines except the multi-dose flu vaccine (we have single dose that you can get instead). You know what still does contain thimerosal? Tattoo ink. Do you have any tattoos? Do you have any symptoms of mercury toxicity? I didn’t think so.

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