Hepatitis B

This is the first vaccine your baby receives. We give this one in the first 24 hours of life and frankly, a good number of people are confused about this. One popular blogger out there observed rather snarkily, “Hepatitis B is, in fact, primarily a sexually transmitted disease. In most cases, you contract it by making unhealthy lifestyle choices. I notice that, in your world, our “society” should work to eradicate illnesses by turning our babies into lab rats, rather than by telling adults to stop making foolish and destructive decisions. Why do you yell at my family for choosing to forgo an unnecessary medical treatment that would expose my children to high levels of aluminum, and not at the legions of people who refuse to forgo promiscuous sex and intravenous drugs? I have to be honest, I’m somewhat disturbed by the implication that all of our children are budding drug addicts and philanderers, so we ought to immunize them in anticipation of this eventuality.” – Matt Walsh, frequently-wrong blogger
OK, let’s all play spot-the-wrongness. First – in newborns, hepatitis B is not primarily a sexually transmitted disease. It can be contracted through casual contact. If contracted in the newborn period, it is much more likely to lead to life-long disease and eventual liver failure and ensuing death. Thus, the motivation to protect your newborn is based on a desire to do just that. I promise I do not get my jollies off inflicting pain or injecting “toxins” into tiny humans. Second, lab rats are used for experiments, as in testing new medications that are not yet known to be safe. The literature establishing the safety of vaccines is extensive. The literature demonstrating the dangers of the HepB vaccine? Find me one valid study. Third, the amount of aluminum contained in all of the vaccines given over the entire first year of life is roughly 1/400th of that absorbed from a year’s worth of breast milk so I’m not sure where you’re getting this “high levels” thing. Tell you what, blogger dude, if you are concerned about the safety of vaccines, I encourage you to have a conversation with your pediatrician about it. You absolutely have a right (and a responsibility) to make your own choices about what drugs to put into your kid. I do ask that your choice be an informed one. Below are your links.
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